CullenSkink - Unusual name. Unusual people.

CullenSkink. Unusual name. Unusual people. We’re brand developers and take all the things that are (and some that aren't yet) accepted in marketing and communications and make them work harder. With us, there are no ‘eureka’ moments but by using our network of visionary and interesting teams and individuals, we make hard stuff seem easy. We make brands fly.

Miracles we don’t do. Bang-for-your-buck, intelligent design and creativity and sleeves-rolled-up hard work we do do. We appreciate beauty, craft and aesthetics and we drape these things all over our clients.

We’ve no axe to grind, as we’re ‘media neutral’ (and we promise to drop this hackneyed term, as soon as we can think of something better to describe our transparent approach). Digital, design, ads, print, ambient… they’re all just names. If you’re selling something or you’d love to have an enviable brand proposition, you need everything and you’ll need someone to help you with your strategic aims and objectives.

We do what works. What’s effective. We do it with a smile. We’re not ashamed to say we use ‘style’. You’ll like us.